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Barringtons Security

There are a few consistent assets that every business needs to have - regardless of whether they're operating in the world of finance, hospitality, construction or retail. This is, of course, security, and here at Barringtons we know exactly how important it is for businesses to not only have the necessary security measures in place, but for staff to be trained in how best to keep customers, assets and themselves safe.

This is where Barringtons can assist - providing a wide range of different security services, including training, additional manpower and some of the leading security risk assessment services in Australia. With a quarter of a century in the industry, Barringtons has the vital experience and expertise to ensure your business is as safe and secure as possible.


Barringtons security expertise


Security is an incredibly broad umbrella, covering all sorts of different services, along with specific business needs and ongoing demands. There are also geographic factors to consider, such as the legislative differences between various countries and even states within Australia. Our team has worked extensively throughout Australia, as well as in the Pacific Islands. Understanding and working with all of these different requirements necessitates an expert approach, and that's exactly what the Barringtons' team provides - regardless of your needs.

A few of our core security services include:

  • Security risk assessment and management
  • Terrorism threat assessment and management
  • Training of staff and management in security matters
  • Security threat assessments
  • Asset criticality and business impact assessments
  • Security vulnerability assessments
  • Security risk identification, analysis and evaluation


Many of these services fall under the umbrella of security risk assessments. These reviews are an essential part of many organisations, as they provide assurances that an existing security framework - including security systems, policies, plans and staff - are appropriate for a business' level of risk. For example, Barringtons has been providing security services in clubs and the hospitality sector for decades. In these environments, where customers are directly involved in the everyday operation of a business, security risk assessments become not just valuable, but critical - providing business leaders with the peace of mind that every element of their organisation is adequately protected.

Another core aspect of what Barringtons provides is security training for employees. While ongoing management is part of our service offering, it's still important for businesses to have the ability to self-manage. Security training can cover an incredibly broad range of different skills, starting with learning how best to deal with difficult people and moving all the way through to armed robbery survival skills. While not enough to make up for a lack of security awareness in other areas of a business, ensuring all staff are prepared is a great way to make your organisation even safer. Best of all, these courses are available online, making it simple for staff to upskill and become nationally accredited, without sacrificing time for travel.


Why Barringtons?


In a word, experience. For more than 25 years, Barringtons has been a leader in the Australian security risk assessment sector. Our team have seen it all and done it all, working with a variety of organisations throughout their years in the business. This means that regardless of whether you're working for a large hospitality enterprise or a small construction company, our team will be able to tailor their service directly to your needs.

This customisation is vital in security, as the threats faced by businesses are often completely unique, being dependant on a host of factors that cover everything from geographical location to the nature of their work. Some businesses may need assistance preventing theft or employee wrongdoing, while others will have more serious concerns such as armed robbery, terrorism and bomb threats. With such a broad range of threats to secure against, it only makes sense to take a tailored approach, and our professional, knowledgeable and friendly consultants have the experience and expertise required to provide this.

Many businesses simply want to know that their security is being taken care of, without wanting to spend too much time worrying about the details. For these customers, Barringtons provides a comprehensive security management service, where changes in the threat environment are constantly monitored. Along with other services such as providing security manpower, this ongoing management ensures our clients are always prepared to face any new risks that crop up.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is a security risk assessment?

A security risk assessment is when our team undertakes a detailed review of a business' security management system, providing a report on the current state of security systems, plans and processes within the context of the current internal security risk and the external threat environment.  Where improvements are identified, our team will also make recommendations for implementation.


  • How much will it cost?

This will largely depend on the specific service a business requires. In general however, cost isn't an issue as Barringtons works on a daily rate - giving us the flexibility to identify a client's need and provide that exact service without having to work with more expensive set prices.

If you have any other questions or would like to learn more about Barringtons' security service, contact us today.

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