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Barringtons Risk Management

Is your business at risk? The impulse for many of us is to say "of course not," but the truth of the matter is that every organisation should be prepared to deal with a crisis. Even the most secure business can fall victim to unexpected situations such as natural disasters, industrial espionage or terrorism. These types of events can seem highly unlikely, which is why many businesses don't bother to prepare for them, or if they do, don't spend anywhere enough time on developing an adequate plan.


While it's true that the chances of your organisation being hit by a flood or bomb are relatively low, if such a disaster does occur, the need for an appropriate response will suddenly become the most important aspect of your business. At Barringtons, we believe in planning ahead, and ensuring our clients are always prepared for anything. Our security risk management and assessment team has decades of experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes across a broad range of industries, ensuring that no matter the situation, Barringtons can provide a solution.


Barringtons Risk management services in Australia


The nature of risk is such that no one service or product can provide an answer. Preparing for the possibility of a flood won't protect against a fire, while the threat of theft from an outside party is radically different to internal fraud. Of course, it also isn't practical to prepare for every threat equally. Instead, a holistic approach is needed that takes into account the potential crises an organisation could face.

Accordingly, Barringtons' risk management team provides a wide and diverse range of services and solutions that are designed to give businesses the very best levels of protection, based on what threats are most likely to affect them. A few of these services include:


  • Work, Health and Safety (WHS) assessment and management
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) assessment and management
  • Implementation of WHS/OHS programmes
  • Terrorism threat assessment and management
  • Public liability risk assessment
  • Detailed onsite inspection
  • Location accessibility assessment
  • Customised risk minimisation policies
  • Customised safe or standard operating procedures and risk registers
  • Training in WHS
  • Risk management courses in Australia
  • Emergency training (incorporating mock evacuations)
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Cyber risk assessments and cyber penetration testing
  • Crisis management and business continuity planning


While every business should should have some form of risk management in place, there are certain types of organisation that have a greater need for protection. For example, any business or enterprise that employs more than 300 people should have a full time member of staff to look after WHS, but may still require additional support when it comes to specific risk management tasks such as site inspections.

On the other side of the coin, some businesses simply have higher risk due to the nature of their work. Examples include construction businesses, entertainment venues, industries that deal with vulnerable persons (such as aged care), and any other business that may attract adverse behaviour from those with opposing ideologies - such as RSL clubs, places of worship and sporting organisation.


Why Barringtons?


Barringtons' expertise in risk management started with our services to Australian clubs, but over the years we've expanded our offering to include a host of different industries, ranging from councils and government through to construction, finance and hospitality. Within these sectors, we've worked with businesses large and small, giving us an enormous amount of experience in an incredibly wide variety of organisations. This allows our team to use what they've learned over the years when tackling any new challenge, leveraging their experience to find a solution that suits the specific needs of each and every client.


Aside from our extensive work in Australia, the Barringtons risk management team also has experience in other parts of the world such as Asia and Africa, which brings a different set of risks and demands a knowledge of the different legislation applicable to each geographic area. From all of these situations, the Barringtons team has developed into industry leaders in the field of risk management, able to provide a quick turnaround on any enquires and develop valuable solutions in addition to reporting on any weaknesses in an organisation.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is a security risk assessment?


Security risk assessment reports detail far more than just what a client is doing wrong. These reports are informative documents that outline exactly what was inspected or reviewed and clearly explain how to remedy any gaps. Each assessment includes advice from our team in the form of easy-to-understand fixes, supported with photographic references.


  • When and where is Barringtons risk assessment available?


Our team has experience across Australia, as well as in other countries including New Zealand, Nigeria and parts of Asia. We are available via email and phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This ensures there is always an expert available to provide advice and assistance in the event of a crisis.


If you have any other questions, or want to find out more about Barringtons' risk assessment services, contact our team today.

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