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Barringtons - a Registered Training Organisation

Be Trained by Barringtons are proud to announce that we have been successful in the re-registration of Be Trained by Barringtons by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and have been awarded registration until 2025. Due to the diligence of our dedicated team, we have maintained our continued compliance with the VET Quality framework and the conditions set out under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 as a NVR Registered Training Organisation (RTO provider number 91397).

Be Trained by Barringtons

We have recently rebranded Barrington Training Services to Be Trained by Barringtons! We are still the Best People, with the Best Practice and the Best Choice just with a different name and look!


Since 2001, Be Trained by Barringtons have helped countless businesses improve and retain their workforce. We have assisted Australians by growing their skill sets in order to advance their careers and open up pathways to new and exciting employment opportunities.


Be Trained offer courses ranging from Certificate II up to an Advanced Diploma level. This allows us to help everyone from recent graduates looking to gain entry level qualifications to get a foot in the door, an experienced employee pursuing new management skills or anyone seeking a change of career.


Contact us today to discuss how we can provide training to meet your needs.



Be Trained by Barringtons are approved by Training Services NSW under Smart and Skilled, a NSW Government initiative designed to help people access the education they need to find employment and become successful in their chosen profession.


For eligible students, Smart and Skilled provides:

  • Government-subsidised training from Certificate II to Advanced Diplomas
  • Funding for higher-level courses (Certificate IV and above) in priority areas such as the hospitality industry

We also offer payment plans to assist students who may not be eligible for Smart and Skilled funding. Contact us to discuss your eligibility and how we can help you towards your dream career.




Are Barringtons' courses nationally accredited?


Barringtons offer both nationally accredited training and non-accredited, industry relevant training.


Nationally accredited training courses and nationally accredited short courses are essential when a recognised qualification is required for job eligibility (such as a Certificate II in Hospitality) or for industry compliance (such as a First Aid certificate).


Non-accredited industry-relevant courses are beneficial for building on existing skills in order to gain a promotion, or for businesses who need to ensure their team meet best practice standards (such as preventing Bullying in the Workplace). Barringtons also offer non-accredited online training for those that are time-poor or who may work evenings and who are unable to attend face-to-face training.


How long will my course take?


This can vary based on the type of course, and whether it is accredited or non-accredited. A non-accredited course usually covers one or two days, while accredited courses vary from six months to two years depending on your employment conditions and learning needs.


Am I eligible for government funding?


You may be eligible for government-subsidised training or funding. This needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us today to discuss.


I need a customised training course specifically for my workplace or employee needs


Our experienced and friendly team will help design a training solution that fits around your workplace needs, while meeting industry requirements. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you do this.


Benefits of working with Barringtons

Best People

We have a team of professionals on our side that are committed not only to the quality of our products but the quality of our customers’ experiences.

Best Practice

Barringtons is consistently benchmarked against Australia’s leading companies and we have been setting the standards for best practices for over two decades.

Best Choice

Our 25 year track record of quality service and exceptional product offerings makes us ‘the choice’ for meeting client needs and providing satisfaction.