Get accredited retail training with Barringtons

What does it take to succeed in the world of retail? Whether you’re an employee or an employer, the answer is the same - the right skills. This is where training comes in, and it’s essential in every facet of the retail world.


To get the most bang for your buck in retail training, it’s important to pursue nationally accredited courses. These qualifications are recognised throughout Australia and ensure the same standards of quality whether students go on to work in Perth, Sydney or Hobart.


What accredited retail training courses does Barringtons offer?


Barringtons provides a variety of accredited retail training courses for Australian organisations and staff. These include:



The range of different certificate levels means that Barringtons is able to offer an option to suit all levels of expertise and experience. Of course, if students wish to continue their studies after completing a course, they can also put some of the work they have already completed towards their next qualification. For example, completing the Certificate II in Retail can be used as recognition of studies towards Certificate III in Retail, or another relevant Certificate III qualification.


While the duration of a Barringtons retail course will vary depending on the specific qualification, most courses take either 12 or 24 months.


One of the most important aspects of training with Barringtons is flexibility. Many of our students are simultaneously employed while studying, so it’s critical for each course to facilitate this option. That’s why we offer multiple lesson delivery avenues, including online. This allows each student to get the information they need without having to waste any time or compromise on the quality of their professional work.


Working with the Barringtons team on your accredited retail training


Having been a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for over 10 years, Barringtons understands the importance of ongoing training to Australian industries. Our experience as a leader in a range of Australian industries perfectly places us to provide students with the skills they need to improve their own careers and benefit the businesses they work for.


All of our staff are carefully selected based on their ability to provide the best education to every student. The Barringtons name gives employers peace of mind that a candidate has received a high-standard, nationally accredited qualification.


To learn more about which accredited retail training course would suit you or your business, get in touch today by filling out the Barringtons online enquiry form.




Am I eligible?

There are no prerequisite requirements for entry into Barringtons’ retail courses at the Certificate II and III level. However, your current job must reflect the course you wish to apply for. To be eligible for the Certificate IV in Retail, you must either have completed the Certificate III, or be employed in a retail management position.

How long will training take?

Barringtons’ retail courses run for one or two years, with the Certificate IV in Retail usually taking a year longer than lower levels. However, it is worth keeping in mind that the length of study can differ depending on which electives or study mode are chosen.

Where, when and how can I train?

The Certificate II and III courses in retail are employment-based. This can include everything from workplace activities to practice exercises and research projects. Assessments will be completed on and off the job, and may include giving presentations, role-playing, quizzes and project-based exercises.


The Certificate IV course can be completed by distance learning, classroom sessions or a blend of both.

What will I receive?

After completing their course of study, graduates will receive a certificate, diploma or Statement of Attainment for competencies completed.

Can I go on to further training?

Successful completion of a course may be used as recognition of study towards a higher qualification.

For more information relating to Barringtons’ retail courses, visit each course’s dedicated page or get in touch with our friendly team today.