Get accredited hospitality training with Barringtons

What are the benefits of hospitality training? For businesses and employees alike there are many, from improving the quality of a workforce to gaining essential skills before progression to the next stage of a career.  Everybody in the industry can benefit from upskilling.


The value of nationally accredited training courses, such as the ones we supply here at Barringtons, are much greater. These courses are highly regarded across the country, and help maintain best practices throughout the industry.


What accredited hospitality training courses does Barringtons offer?


Barringtons offers a range of accredited hospitality training courses for Australian businesses and employees. These include:



The broad selection of qualifications means our team are able to offer courses tailored to every level of experience and expertise. Whether a student is new to the world of hospitality or simply wants to expand their skillset, there’s always a suitable option. If a student wishes to undertake further study at the completion of their course, in many cases the work they have already completed can be used as part of their studies towards a higher qualification.


The duration of our hospitality courses varies depending on the specific qualification. In general however, most courses take either 12 or 24 months.


As many of our students complete their studies while employed, it’s vital for each course to be as flexible as possible. That’s why Barringtons offers online lesson delivery options. This allows us to make sure each student is getting the information they need, without having to spend unnecessary time travelling if it will clash with their employment obligations.


Working with the Barringtons team on your accredited hospitality training


As a major player in the Australian hospitality sector, Barringtons knows what it takes for businesses and employees to flourish. We’ve been providing accredited hospitality training courses as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for over 10 years. Our expert staff and experience in the industry make Barringtons the perfect place to upskill - whether you’re an employee keen to improve your skills, or a business leader looking to foster loyalty and step up the quality of your service.


In order to maintain our own high standards, every member of the Barringtons training team is carefully selected to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students.


To learn more about which accredited hospitality training course would suit you or your business, get in touch today by filling out the Barringtons online enquiry form.




Am I eligible?

Barringtons’ hospitality training courses have no prerequisite requirements for entry. However, it is strongly recommended you gain industry experience or first complete lower level qualifications before moving to more advanced courses such as the Certificate IV in Hospitality or Diploma of Hospitality.

How long will training take?

Barringtons’ hospitality courses typically run for either 12 or 24 months. However, training duration can vary based on each student’s chosen electives and type of study. 

Where, when and how can I train?

All of Barringtons’ hospitality courses are designed to be as flexible as possible. At certificate and diploma levels, students are able to complete work via either distance learning, classroom sessions or a mixture of the two. This is particularly useful in hospitality, where many students have work schedules that don’t allow for an entirely classroom-based course.

What will I receive?

After completing their course of study, graduates will receive a Certificate, Diploma or Statement of Attainment for competencies completed.

Can I go on to further training?

Successful completion of a course may be used as recognition of study towards a higher qualification.

For more information relating to Barringtons’ hospitality courses, visit each course’s dedicated page or get in touch with our friendly team today.