Certificate III in Business - BSB30115

Are you looking to build up your operational skills? The nationally accredited Certificate II in Business can help you do just that. The training course covers a wide range of competencies for professionals of all ages. Upon completion, you’ll have the competitive edge you need to excel in administrative and office based positions across a range of industries.


From learning more about communication to a better understanding of word processing and spreadsheets - the certification covers core competencies that can be leveraged in an array of roles.


The 12 unit course is broken down into the following areas;


  • BSBWHS302 Apply knowledge of WHS legislation in the workplace
  • BSBCUS301 Deliver and monitor a service to customers
  • BSBDIV301 Work effectively with diversity 
  • BSBWOR301 Organise personal work priorities and development
  • BSBINN301 Promote innovation in a team environment
  • BSBCMM301 Process customer complaints
  • BSBPRO301 Recommend products and services
  • BSBITU213 Use digital technologies to communicate remotely
  • BSBFLM303 Contribute to effective workplace relationships
  • BSBFLM312 Contribute to team effectiveness
  • BSBWRT301 Write simple documents
  • BSBINM301 Organise workplace information 


This entry-level qualification is the ideal introduction, or refresher to foundational workplace functions. The skills learned in this course are well-suited for positions such as:


  • Administration Assistant
  • Clerical Worker
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Information Desk Clerk
  • Office Junior
  • Receptionist


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What you need to know



There are no prerequisites for entry to this course. It’s open to all candidates looking to learn more about the skills mentioned above. The training itself generally takes around 12 months, though it can run shorter or longer based on your individual competencies and needs. Completion requires both active learning and self-motivated studying.


The course itself is employment-based, meaning the training may include workplace activities conducted by the employer including:


  • practice exercises
  • simulated activities in the classroom
  • learner activity workbooks
  • research projects


Assessments can be conducted both on and off the job site. These evaluations can include oral presentation, role-plays, assessment activities, knowledge quizzes and project based exercises.


Once the course is finished, participants will be awarded a nationally recognised Certificate III in Business or a Statement of Attainment for competencies completed. This certification can be used as a prerequisite for further training such as Certificate III in Business as well as other relevant Certificate III qualifications. 

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This training is subsidised by the NSW Government.

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