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Barringtons’ Final Frontier program provides a unique opportunity for Future Club Leader graduates to enrol into a University Bachelor Degree program.


Southern Cross University has granted recognition of the Future Club Leaders program curriculum. The recognition counts for up to 50 per cent advanced standing of the 24 competency units in the Bachelor of Business in International Hospitality Management (Gaming Major).


This means that Future Club Leader graduates may only need to complete 12 units to attain a degree and gain the necessary skills to be a Registered Club Executive.


How does the Final Frontier work?


The Bachelor Degree program becomes the ‘Final Frontier’ on the Pathway to Excellence program. Completion of the remaining units required to attain your degree gains you the Final Frontier recognition.


We encourage all Future Club Leaders program graduates to apply for the 12 unit Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management (Casino and Gaming Major) SCU Course (Code 3007314). All participants of the Final Frontier will receive:


  • Full access to SCU resources
  • Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management qualification SCU Course Code 3007314
  • Available options for face to face and online units


In order to successfully complete the program, participants must:


  • Have successfully completed the Future Club Leadership program
  • Attend all classes and meet coursework guidelines
  • Complete all assessment requirements


Course units cover topics in two specialised areas: Tourism and Hospitality Management and Casino and Gaming Major. Program participants must complete nine core units in each specialisation as well as three additional elective units.


To read more about the specific details of each course and the required selections download our program overview here.


Why work with Barringtons?


Barringtons is proud to work in conjunction with ClubsNSW to offer professionals interested in club industry roles with a clear Pathway to Excellence. We have been providing registered training to professionals and organisations across Australia for over 25 years - equipping our team with experience you can trust.


To learn more about our Final Frontier program contact us today.