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Surveillance cameras will soon be unrecognisable – time for an urgent public conversation

Laura Eyles 0 65

Face recognition highlights bigger questions around which types of surveillance cameras and systems are acceptable to society. This question is complicated by the fact that surveillance cameras are becoming more sophisticated and computerised without necessarily looking much different. There is no signage or information that tells us about their enhanced capabilities, which means the activities behind them become less transparent.

Dealing With Bushfire Smoke at School

Are you prepared?

Ash Collier 0 65

With 137 fires burning across the New South Wales State as of 6:15pm, 4th December, the smoke haze that is blanketing the region is getting thicker and is predicted to get much worse. Bushfire smoke can travel hundreds of kilometres away and can have a massive impact on the health of individuals, posing a threat to people with asthma and pre-existing heart or lung conditions.

Youth’s love-hate relationship with tech in the digital age – Cyber Risk and Educational Institutions

Cyber Risk and Educational Institutions

Laura Eyles 0 43

When digital surveillance is higher than ever, there is a hollowing out of learning, a shallowness that comes with abuses of privacy and surveillance and from a loss of cherished human contact. Kate C. Tilleczek’s studies have revealed that several youth suggested that without the phone, they lacked the confidence to solve basic problems or feared for their safety.

Facial recognition: ten reasons you should be worried about the technology

Facial recognition

Laura Eyles 0 104

Facial recognition technology is spreading fast. Already widespread in China, software that identifies people by comparing images of their faces against a database of records is now being adopted across much of the rest of the world. It’s common among police forces but has also been used at airportsrailway stations and shopping centres.

Are Your Club's Future Leaders Prepared?

With the correct education, they will be ready to go in no time!

Ash Collier 0 149

To be a successful leader in the Hospitality Industry, one must learn self-leadership, the components of management and the importance of a mission, values and a clear vision for their Club. Effective leaders are able to recognise the goals of their operations and inspire their staff and colleagues to act on the same vision.