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Barringtons began in 1991, and over the past 25 years we have grown our offerings to serve an expanding range of clients. We started with a targeted focus on risk management and investigation in the hospitality industry, becoming a trusted partner to many organisations.


Now, along with a wider focus on a number of different industries, we've expanded the services we offer. We are now not only market leaders in risk management and investigations, but also in training, compliance management, security, recruitment, background checks and personnel vetting, a set of complementary services we believe work together to improve the way our clients operate.



Everything we do at Barringtons is directed by the philosophy of "Best People. Best Practice. Best Choice." It's a selection of words that describes not only the path taken as we've grown, but the direction we'll continue to take to preserve our position as market leaders. 


Best People - Our people are the reason we continue to be successful, and their efforts are the reason we keep growing. Their commitment to providing professional, ethical and efficient service strengthens the Barringtons brand across industries.


Best Practice - Because we supply a diverse service offering across some of Australia's biggest industries, Barringtons are often benchmarked against much larger companies. Despite this, we are used to setting the standard by which our competitors are judged.


Best Choice - We want the Barringtons brand to represent the best choice across a variety of services and industry specialisations. By building a reputation for providing quality services, we will continue to satisfy our clients.



Barringtons ensure our services are tailored specifically to Australian industries and businesses, with a major focus on hospitality in clubs, as well as health, aged care, government, construction and retail sectors. Our core services are:



The growth and success of Barringtons isn't just across industries and service types, but throughout the country as well. To ensure we meet the expectations of our clients in all states and territories, we have offices in key locations throughout Australia. This means that no matter where our clients are located, we can provide a single point of reference for significant portions of operational requirements.


To find out more about our range of services and how we can meet the unique needs of your business contact us today.


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What We Do


Barringtons provides Vocational Training from Certificate II through to Diplomas. We offer nationally recognised training in Hospitality, Business, Management, Human Resources, Retail and more.

We also offer industry specific training such as Food Safety, Armed Robbery Survival Skills, First Aid, Workplace Bullying and customised programs to suit all businesses.





Barringtons provides all types of recruitment for the hospitality industry - from supervisory level to executive management.

School-based opportunities in Queensland are also available.



Barrington Personnel Security provides a practical approach to your personnel security assessment needs. We can ensure that your Agency meets the minimum standards (and above) as outlined in the Commonwealth Protective Security Manual 2005 (PSM) and your security risk plan.





Barringtons can conduct general investigations, internal theft investigations, fraud investigations, insurance claims, forensic documents examination, civil claims arising from business operations and other investigations.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Barringtons provides risk reviews, advice and knowledge, investigations, emergency management and more. Our team comprises of highly experienced practitioners who have a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of risk management. Barrington Corporate Risk holds NSW Security Master Licence No. 408167093 issued by the Security, Licensing and Enforcement Directorate, NSW Police.



Compliance Management

Our Smartek system is an online compliance management system that allows you to 'set and forget' your compliances, ensuring you are always compliant in every aspect of your business.

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