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 Emergency Evacuation Minimize

Do you know what to do if there's a fire?

What if there's a bomb threat?

Barringtons has now created an Emergency Evacuation training film, that you can view on-line. This induction is designed to teach you and your staff the correct procedures to follow if there is an incident at your workplace. It clearly explains the correct approach to an emergency evacuation and teaches everyone to STAY CALM.

There is a comprehensive section on the roles of the various Wardens and how documentation and reporting should be handled. Barringtons also explain the methods of safety in an evacuation,
showing you the different methods of survival under multiple circumstances and teach you the importance of following the directions of your warden.

Our easy to remember acronym L.I.S.T.E.N. will give staff a simple way to remember the correct procedures in the event of an evacuation incident.

On purchasing this course on-line, you will be given a username and password automatically. Then all that's required is for you to log on and select your course. All participants to this induction will also be given a series of questions following the video to assess thier competency in this subject.

Click here to view a short promo of the Barringtons Emergency Evacuation Induction, or you can simply click on the link below to go staright to the Barringtons on-line store.