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 Dealing With School Bullying Minimize

Train online to ensure your students have the skills to identify and manage situations involving bullying

School Bullying and Cyberbullying have been a focus in the mainstream press for sometime. In September 2011 there was the release of anti-cyberbullying short films “Tagged” and “Cyber Sin”; the reports of the death of Aaron Jones from Sarah Redfern High; the suicide of 14 year old Sheniz Erkan in January 2011 – a victim of cyberbullying and immediately following, the Federal Government’s launch of the Cybersmart website to help with cyberbullying and in February 2012, Kids Helpline and Optus’ Make Cyberspace a better place campaign launch.
We know bullying is a fact of life and the solution is not to ignore bullying behaviour. It is debilitating to the victim and can lead to serious health and psychological issues – even suicide. BUT there is something schools can do.

Barringtons has the answer

With an arsenal experience in crime, investigation, training and risk management, commissioning their workplace bullying program and in consultation with a number of school principals, the team at Barringtons have developed the online training and assessment program.

This program goes further than other film-based awareness solutions as it:

  • Does not make the mistake of being too subtle about consequences
  • It acknowledges the huge prefrontal cortex changes that occur in the teenage brain which result in spontaneous decisions being provoked by peers or circumstance and seldom thought through or risk assessed
  • It emphasises the importance of the school community’s declaration and commitment to the individual.
  • It includes an assessment at the end of the film to ensure that students have understood the material covered

On completion of the program, students will:

  • Identify bullying and its varied forms –including cyber bullying
  • Know that doing nothing is not a solution
  • Be aware of the symptoms & consequences of bullying in an individual
  • Be aware of the effects on the school environment, culture and reputation
  • Understand what actions can be taken – formal complaints, reporting
  • Understand what victims can do about it themselves
  • Understand the possible consequences to the bully including legal action

Dealing with School Bullying is essential online training for ALL students!  It’s 20 minute duration means it will cause minimal disruptions to school programming.

For more information complete the form on the right to have a Barringtons representative contact you!

Or watch a short promotional version presented by NRL legend and Footy Show star, Darryl Brohamn right now by "Clicking Here".