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 Workplace Bullying Online Course Minimize

Workplace Bullying Online Course - Ensure your staff have the skills to identify and manage situations involving bullying and harassment

Regardless of the industry in which you work, chances are, from time to time you will have observed acts of bullying towards others or have been a victim of bullying yourself. Bullying can involve patrons, clients, customers, contractors or staff. It’s a fact of life, bullying is not limited to the school yard. You cannot ignore bullying behavior. It is debilitating to the victim and can lead to serious health and psychological issues – even suicide. BUT there is something you can do.
Barringtons has the answer

Workplace Bullying online course is a unique training solution, designed to ensure your employees have the skills to identify and manage the wide spectrum of bullying behaviour. Bullying can be direct and obvious or indirect, even subtle or masked with humour.
On completion of the course employees will be able to:

  • Identify bullying and its varied forms –including cyber bullying
  • Be aware of the symptoms of bullying in an individual
  • Be aware of the effects on the work place environment and culture
  • Understand what actions can be taken – formal complaints, reporting
  • What victims can do about it themselves and other sources of help
The Workplace Bullying Online Course is essential training for ALL staff!  What’s more, its 30 minute duration means it will cause minimal disruptions to the workplace.
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