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Colin West, Teacher

 SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services - RCG


SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services - RCG

Provide Responsible Gambling Services - RCG training, is a mandatory course for individuals employed in the gaming industry or at gaming venues.  In NSW, most pubs and clubs are revenue reliant on gaming machines – therefore, the importance of employees being RCG qualified cannot be underestimated.

The financial and social effects of problem gambling are approaching epidemic proportions.  Whilst there is legislation to eradicate the issue – it is the frontline staff who can potentially have the strongest positive influence.  

The RCG course itself focuses on the social responsibility gaming venue employees must exhibit in order to minimise the social and financial costs of problem gambling.

The RCG training discusses issues such as:

•    The law governing the gaming industry
•    Ethical concerns surrounding the promotion of gambling
•    Prevention strategies designed to inform and educate at risk patrons
•    The cost of problem gambling

The RCG training course is 6 hours in duration and costs $115 per person. This includes Liquor and Gaming NSW processing (ILGA) fees of $30. If doing RSA and RCG combined these must be done on separate days.
The cost of RSA/RCG Combined is $270 per person and includes $100 ILGA processing fees


 For more information contact Barringtons on 02 9899 0600.