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 Best Practice Pack for Clubs and Gaming Venues

Expert Advice When You Need it Most

As a Venue Manager you have your hands full enough with staff, rosters, customer service, gaming, bar & food service, renovations, contractors –i.e.  running your venue. Wouldn’t it be great to know that if:

  • Your venue suffered an armed robbery
  • You suspected a staff member or contractor of theft,  fraud or collusion
  • You have been cited for OH&S, AUSTRAC, OLGR breeches or other compliance issues
  • One of your staff was the victim of workplace bullying, violence or sexual harassment
  • You experienced an emergency or crisis that seriously threatened your business continuity
  • Your  venue was the subject  of a substantial public liability or worker’s compensation claim
  • You or your venue received a bomb threat or extortion attempt

You could have expert advice and support just a phone call away while keeping  focus on running your business ?

Best practice in these areas is an extremely specialised field. Experienced, reliable and timely advice in these instances is crucial - even life-saving.  Barringtons are one of the leaders in this arena and have an unparalleled depth of experience in all types and styles of cases.
We have experts available in hospitality security, investigations and surveillance, emergency and crisis situations, internal fraud and compliance issues. After a needs analysis, Barringtons experts will put together a Best Practice Pack specific to your current risks.
Our Best Practice Pack puts Barringtons expertise on call.  
When you simply don’t have time for these issues - simply call Barringtons.



Download the brochure here !