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 Security Manpower

Allen Barry, Executive Director of Barringtons, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a significant shareholding in Exact Security. We believe that their operational preparedness and capacity was and remains second to none.  We are proud partners.

If you are like most managers, for a long time now, you will have considered your security and security services as involving disparate components including such things as your electronic security system, your manpower needs, your concierge services and so on.

You have probably also looked upon security services as a necessary but annoying expense which needs to be minimised to the fullest extent because it doesn’t actually add anything to your bottom line.

Up until now, we would have agreed. Indeed, our personnel have been directly involved at the most senior level in the security services industry for many years and have witnessed the evolution from the days of bouncers to modern security operatives.

But we believe that the time is now ripe for the next generation in security services where your security system is looked upon as one integrated system and where that system is seen as being one part of your customer service culture.

In fact, that’s the very reason we created Exact Security – to deliver this next generation in security services which actually add to your bottom line, instead of just taking away from it.

If you'd like to read more about Exact Security, please go to their website by clicking here.