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“What’s our goal when we look at your Operational Security Risk Management? Very simply – we protect your brand.”
 Security Risk Assessments

Security risk assesment specialists - safeguarding your organisation from the threat of armed robberies

Armed robberies are a significant issue facing the liquor and gaming industries.  Regardless of size, the unprepared venue will always be a target for professional armed robbers.

Barringtons security risk assessment can safeguard your venue from a potential armed robbery.  Armed robbers are highly adept at identifying the security weaknesses of their targets – Barringtons’  risk assessment will identify and report on any weaknesses that could potentially make your venue more vulnerable to armed robbers

Through the provision of a security risk assessment, your venue will:

  • Actively address compliance with Occupational Health and Safety legislation
  • Increase specific awareness of the risks relative to armed robbery for you and your staff
  • Protect the club’s assets and the safety of staff
  • Identify, document and implement best practice recommendations to target harden your business from the likelihood of robbery

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