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“What’s our goal when we look at your Operational Security Risk Management? Very simply – we protect your brand.”

Be Powdersafe

It’s an unfortunate reality – all workplaces are at risk from contaminated mail. Over the past decade instances of mail contamination have risen exponentially – to the point where all organisations should be taking precautions. The unprepared organisation places employees, productivity and the bottom line under immense and unnecessary risk.

Logic dictates that the operations of your organisation will not please everyone. Ask yourself,

  • What does your organisation do that upsets the public?
  • What does your organisation do that upsets the staff?
  • What can another organisation do that places you into a negative position with the public?

How do you affect your stakeholders?

There are an infinite number of stakeholders who, through no malice of your own, may be subject to negative consequences resulting from council dealings. It is this discontent which puts your organisation at risk from mail contamination.

Effective, innovative and essential

Thanks to Barringtons and Powdersafe, suspicious packaging need no longer be an issue. Powdersafe’s revolutionary and innovative design is a one-stop mail safety solution – it is a must for all organisations.
The product itself is an easy to use, sealed environment designed to control suspicious mail believed to contain biological, chemical or substitute material. The key feature of the Powdersafe system is that control over a mail incident is your hands, rather than the hands of the sender - literally.

Government endorsed
Powdersafe is an Australian Government endorsed product and the only product that satisfies the Australian Standards - Mailroom Security Handbook. The design consists of two elements; the containment unit and the transportation case. Furthermore, a comprehensive tutorial is provided on the dangers of contaminated mail, how to identify suspicious mail, how to use the system and how to handle mail to reduce the risk of exposure.

Powdersafe is certified airtight and designed to be taken from the location that contaminant is discovered straight to the laboratory without disturbing the contents. Therefore, keeping business disruptions to a minimum, reducing productivity loss and protecting forensic evidence.

So act now – You cannot put a price on the safety of your staff!

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