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“Investigations is an extremely specialised field, and you need to know that the people you’ve hired to do the job know what they’re doing. At Barringtons, we have an amazing depth of experience in all types and styles of investigations, and only use experienced investigators of the highest standard.”

 Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

The experienced team at Barringtons conducts corporate investigations in a range of circumstances for any industry. We understand that every organisation is different and the challenges facing each client vary.

All work undertaken is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our clients. The diverse backgrounds of our team allows us to place the most knowledgeable and skilled personnel on each case.While our core services include general, internal fraud and theft, fraudulent insurance claims, forensic documents examination and civil claims arising from business operations, we can undertake nearly any type of work.

Our typical services are outlined in more detail below. If your requirements fall outside this scope please feel free to contact one of our Corporate Risk Consultants to discuss your particular needs.

Barrington Corporate Risk holds NSW Security Master Licence No. 408167093 issued by the Security, Licensing and Enforcement Directorate, NSW Police





General Investigations
General, theft, fraud, arson and accident.




Civil Claims Arising from Business Operations
Civil claims, small claims filing, civil disputes, business torts, business litigation.



Forensic Document Investigations
Forensic handwriting analysis, forensic document analysis, questioned document analysis, forensics handwriting, document forensics.



Technical Counter Surveillance Reviews
Debugging, counter surveillance reviews, TCSM, technical counter surveillance measures.



Insurance Investigations
Fraudulent insurance claims - life and other, insurance special investigations, insurance misrepresentation.



Internal Theft and Fraud Investigation
Internal fraud, employee theft, certified fraud examiners, embezzlement crime investigators.