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“Imagine if you could leave the management of compliances to a program that would ensure you are never non-compliant – that is the power of Smartek. With all your vital information at the touch of a button, and complete customisation no matter what industry you are in, Smartek is designed to save you time and money, letting you get on with your job.”


Compliance Management Software Program

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Barringtons provides ‘on demand’ compliance management solutions. In today’s corporate environment the importance of regulatory and operational compliance is an ever increasing burden. The Barringtons solution is Smartek. This system provides a comprehensive, cost effective and systematic approach to managing a business’s compliance requirements.

Smartek will make genuine differences to your business on a number of levels. It will allow you to organise and manage the matrix of compliance responsibilities affecting your business such as Occupational Health and Safety, Workers Compensation and Insurances. Smartek will assist you in improving corporate governance within your organisation, increasing operational efficiency and ensuring business continuity. Barringtons Smartek systems deliver real benefits immediately.

Our systems focus on business compliance with regulatory and operational standards in relation to people, plant, places, and processes. We understand the ever changing nature of business relationships, particularly compliance issues and the liabilities that arise from corporations using contract services. Barringtons Smartek systems effectively manage compliance issues, allowing you to get on with managing your business.

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Or visit the new Smartek website by clicking here

Barrington Corporate Risk holds NSW Security Master Licence No. 408167093 issued by the Security, Licensing and Enforcement Directorate, NSW Police.



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