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“Imagine if you could leave the management of compliances to a program that would ensure you are never non-compliant – that is the power of Smartek. With all your vital information at the touch of a button, and complete customisation no matter what industry you are in, Smartek is designed to save you time and money, letting you get on with your job.”
 Smartek for Education

Contractor & equipment compliance made simple
SMARTEK Trade Card for the Education Sector

Compliance peace of mind
Managing the compliance issues that could affect your school’s brand requires vigilance. How can you keep track of contractor movement, their staff and equipment compliance, ensure the contractors have undergone a ‘Working with Children’ check and completed a site specific induction? If you work with a significant contractor base, in a highly regulated and sensitive environment and are managing multiple departments or sites – you need a compliance management system.

Contractor compliance & management
Compounding the risks, you are also exposed if the contractors that work in and around your School are ‘non compliant’ to their legislative compliance issues! From a strictly security perspective, do you know the ‘who, what and why’ of the various contractors working in sensitive areas of your School?  Consider too, how many contracting companies you engage to work at your School on an hourly rate? Are you satisfied that all contractor hours are legitimate? What would 10 hours per month from three major fee-for-service contractors cost your school?

Whatever your School’s compliance issues are…
Whatever your compliance issues are, Barringtons has the Compliance Management System solution that will save you time, money, further secure your assets, manage your compliance issues and free you up to get on with the business of running your School. 

"Set and forget your School’s compliance management with SMARTEK"

Simplicity & Flexibility
Smartek is simple to use and so easily understood with a user-friendly interface, even casual visitors to your school can be quickly inducted into the system. Smartek is a system and software that is fully customisable to the unique needs of your school, making it an invaluable tool in helping you manage your obligations.

Smartek has the power to provide your School:

  • Improved corporate governance
  • Online contractor database (business/employee/plant & equipment)
  • Online contractor registration
  • Online inductions (competency based)
  • Online compliance management/ ID documents
  • Plant and equipment register
  • Tiered compliance register
  • Entrance control
  • Live site data
  • Site reports as requested
  • Photo ID for all workers
  • Contractors certified to be School compliant
  • A vehicle to facilitate contractors managing their own data

Barrington’s 20 years experience in the contractor compliance industry means that
we know your business.


Click here for a short video presentation of how Smartek can help in your Educational facility.